Voronezh State Agricultural University

HR and Office Management Department

The personnel policy of our University is aimed at human resources protection, strengthening and development, building a team of responsible highly-skilled professionals able to adapt to a constantly changing market environment with the due consideration of the University mission and development strategy. All these factors facilitate a better educational process.

The Staff Office was a part of Administration Management until March 2012. Beginning with April 2012 on resolution of the University Board of Studies, the Staff Office became an inter-faculty subdivision. The Staff Office includes the Military Registration Sector, the Students Sector, and the Labor Safety Specialist.

Vasilieva Zanna A.
Vasilieva Zanna A.

Head of HR and Office Management Department

The main responsibility of the Staff Office is personnel development and record keeping. Our Office is guided by the existing legislation of the Russian Federation, the Labor Code, the State Pension Scheme.