Voronezh State Agricultural University

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Breeding

The Veterinary Science and Animal Breeding Faculty is housed in a separate building and consists of 7 departments equipped with laboratories. It has a vet clinic, vivariums, anatomical, zoological and pathoanatomical museums.

We train full-time and correspondence students in the following majors:

  1. Veterinary science (qualification code 111801.66) 5-year-program;

  2. Veterinary and sanitary inspection (qualification code 111900.62) 4-year-program;

  3. Animal science (qualification code 111100.62) 4-year-program.

Lectures and practical classes are conducted in accordance with the latest educational and information technologies.
The Faculty offers Master’s Degree Programs: Small Animal Science, Livestock Product Processing; Livestock Breeding, Selection, Genetics and Reproduction; as well as 9 post-graduate programs.

Our students have numerous opportunities not only to develop their scientific potential but also to take part in extracurricular activities.

Aristov Alexander B.
Aristov Alexander B.


Dr., PhD in Veterinary Sciences

Phone: (473)253-98-29

E-mail: write e-mail

Office: 111, Building № 9

Our research major: resource-saving technologies development, rationalization, implementation in animal breeding; diagnostic techniques, farm animals’ diseases prevention and treatment.