Voronezh State Agricultural University

The Faculty of Rural Engineering

The Faculty of Rural Engineering was founded in 1930. Since then the Faculty has trained over 14,000 highly skilled rural engineers.

The Faculty includes 12 departments, a training vehicles depot and ground, training workshops, an instrumentation laboratory, 6 electronic classrooms, a scientific research laboratory. The staff is 190 teachers of which 14 have Doctors’ degrees, 78 Candidates’ (PhD) degrees, and 16 hold Professors’ posts.

The Faculty offers training in the following majors, specializations and qualifications:

  • Qualification 110301 Agriculture Engineering;

  • Qualification 110302 Agricultural Industries Motorization;

  • Qualification 110303 Agricultural Produce Processing Mechanization;

  • Qualification 110304 Agricultural Service Engineering and Machine Maintenance;

  • Major 110800.62 Rural Engineering includes the following specializations:

    • 110801.62 Agricultural Engineering Systems;

    • 110802.62 Electric Equipment and Electrotechnics;

    • 110803.62 Agricultural Produce Processing and Storage Equipment;

    • 110804.62 Agricultural Sector Technical Service.

  • Major 190600.62 Transport and Production Machines and Systems Operation includes the following specializations:

    • 190601.62 Vehicles and Vehicle Fleet.

    • 190109.65 Land Transport and Production Vehicles.

Orobinskyi Vladimir I.
Orobinskyi Vladimir I.


Professor, Dr. habil. in Agriculture

Phone: (473)253-78-68

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Office: 216, Building № 3

The Faculty is engaged in numerous research projects. Over the last five years the staff of the Faculty have managed to receive 90 patents of the Russian Federation, over 50 scientific articles have been published in the leading peer-reviewed journals; our scientists have published 6 monographs and 85 textbooks.