Voronezh State Agricultural University

The Faculty of Land Survey

The Land Survey Faculty of the Voronezh Agricultural University is the first largest faculty of a regional higher educational establishment after the State University of Land Use Planning. The lack of land surveyors and state importance of land surveying initiated establishing of the faculty. In 1921 the first students were enrolled to the Voronezh Agricultural Institute.

An ameliorative station and experimental land survey bureau were established.
The staff of the faculty have always provided theoretical and practical assistance to various land management administrative bodies.

There are four departments: The Department of Land Survey and Landscaping, the Department of Land Cadastre; the Department of Land Management, Land Cadastre and Land Law; the Department of Amelioration, Water Supply Engineering and Geodesy.

Our Faculty offers Bachelor’s Degree programs in the following majors:
Land Survey and Land Cadastre (qualification code 120700.62): Land Survey (qualification code 120701.62) with qualification Landscaping Design, Land Cadastre (qualification code 120702.62), Municipal Land Cadastre (qualification code 120703.62) and Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Management (qualification code 280104.62): Agricultural Water Supply and Disposal Engineering Systems (qualification code 280104.62).
The Faculty also offers Master’s Degree programs in Land Survey and Land Cadastre (qualification code 120300).

The Faculty is proud of its GIS laboratory and a map-making and geodesy electronic classroom.

Haritonov Alexander A.
Haritonov Alexander A.


The academic teaching staff carry out their researches in:
— Upgrading Methods of Mapping and Land Surveying, land resources record keeping and information systems; the land-use planning of the social and economic development of the Black Earth Region municipal entities;
— The research of the benchmarks’ stability and large-scale engineering constructions by geodesic methods in the context of exogenetic and endogenetic processes, agricultural water engineering and farming lands amelioration;
— The research of the land resources formation patterns, possibilities of their efficient use in agricultural production; development of soil-loss control measures;
— The research of hydrologic network genesis and formation in the context of the Black earth Region geological-geomorphological configuration.