Voronezh State Agricultural University

The Faculty of Humanities and Law

The Faculty comprises the following Departments: History of the Native Country and Philosophy; Pedagogies and Social-Political Sciences; Law and Law-protective Activity; Foreign Languages and Business International Communication; Physical Education.

About 100 high-qualified professors and instructors with substantial job experience working at the departments of the Faculty pay particular attention to shaping up students’ civil personality moral standards.

On the basis of the Faculty and the Centre of Additional Education “Sozvezdiye”, along with Regional Centre of Additional Education, Civil and Patriotic Education, there have been set such an innovation in pedagogical activity as probationary grounds where students are having their practice teaching. The most promising students work as youth leaders in a children’s sanatorium “Vita” in Anapa and in children’s sanitary camps of Voronezh Region.

We own a newspaper, “Pedsovet”, to report our achievements, everyday concerns and fun.
More than 100 young men and girls enter our Faculty every year. Students of the Faculty are given the opportunity to master their knowledge, acquire practical skills on such educational grounds as laboratories of mass tests, biotechnologies, GIS-technologies, modern computer and informational systems.

Every year the names of the best Faculty graduates are published in the annual “Golgen Book of Voronezh Region: Top Graduates of the Year”.

The Faculty provides training in the following majors and specializations: Vocational Training; Informatics, Computer Science and Computer technologies; Legal Studies; State and Municipal Management; Applied informatics in Management.

Plaksin Viktor N.
Plaksin Viktor N.


Professor, Dr. habil. in History

Phone: (473)253-81-63

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Office: 181, Main Building

For the first time a school of education called Agripedagogical Faculty was opened in Voronezh Agricultural Institute back in 1931. The Faculty was reopened in 2001, which became an important event for all the Black Earth Region.
February 14 2001 The Department of Education of Russian Federation issued Order “ On licensing Voronezh Agricultural University with the specialization Professional Training ( in Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Science, Animal Science). Beginning with September 2001 the Faculty started training not only technical specialists, but also educators for colleges, technical schools, and higher educational establishments.