Voronezh State Agricultural University

The Faculty of Economics and Management

Voronezh AGU has been training economists since 1951. The Faculty of Economy and Management consists of 5 departments with the teaching staff of more than 80 people, among them 15 professors and 50 specialists with Candidates’ (PhD) degrees. They carry out their researches in:

  • Agri-economic Systems Dataware and Modeling

  • Production and Business Management in Agricultural Sector

  • Management and Marketing in Agricultural Sector

  • Agricultural Sector Economics

  • Business and Labor Economics in Agricultural Sector

About 400 full-time students and nearly the same number of correspondence students are being trained at the Faculty. The Faculty offers training in the following majors, specializations and qualifications:
080100 Economics (specializations: Labor Economics, Business Economics)
080200 Management (specializations: Production Management, Marketing, Crisis Management in Agricultural Sector, Dataware Management in Agricultural Sector) as well as 080101 Economic Security (qualification: Economic and Legal Support for Economic Security)

Zakshevskaya Elena V.
Zakshevskaya Elena V.


Professor, Dr. habil. in Economics

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Office: 136, Main Building

Our students enjoy the opportunity to have their field internship at the leading agricultural enterprises of our region and abroad. The Faculty has its own Dissertation Council and a number of joint research and educational projects with the leading universities of Russia, Europe and America. The Dean’s Office and the departments of the Faculty are constantly searching for innovative educational methods and technologies to facilitate and encourage students’ independent work, creativity, motivation.