Voronezh State Agricultural University

The Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Accounting and Finance was set up in 2011 as a successor to the Faculty of Economics. It is one of the leading faculties of our University.

The Faculty includes 6 departments with the staff of 100 teachers of which 8 have Doctors’ degrees and 80 Candidates’ (PhD) degrees.
We offer Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees programs, Specialist Diplomas and post-graduate programs for both full-time and correspondence students. Bachelor’s Degree programs: Economics (specializations: Bookkeeping, Accounting Analysis, Audit; Finance and Credit; Taxes and Taxation; Insurance Industry; World Economy);
Specialist Diplomas Programs: Bookkeeping, Accounting Analysis, Audit; Finance and Credit; Taxes and Taxation.

We also provide training for academic and teaching staff via 9 Master’s Degrees programs and post-graduate programs.

Our Faculty has an Advanced Training Center for accountants and auditors, Training Bank; Insurance Store, Electronic Stock Exchange. We have our own schools of sciences that carry out researches in Accounting, Finance and Business Economics.

Agibalov Alexander V.
Agibalov Alexander V.


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Office: 372, Main Building

Our mission is to create conditions for further development of our Faculty with a view to integrate it into global educational and scientific environment.