Voronezh State Agricultural University

Department for Organizing of Scientific Activities

Educational process and research activities have been top priorities in our University since its establishment a century ago. Due to this fact the first higher educational establishment in the Black Earth region has been able to carry out its historical mission: to form the scientific and engineering potential that will facilitate development of higher education in agro-industry.

Scientific researches are a major source of the intellectual and professional growth of our staff and the foundation for the continuous development of higher vocational education.

A number of subdivisions carry out scientific activities and instructional research in our University: university departments, biotechnology and hidrotechnology laboratories, laboratories of long-term forecasts and testing laboratories, self-supporting research and development division, student's scientific society.

Obraztsov Vladimir N.
Obraztsov Vladimir N.

Head of the Department for Organizing of Scientific Activities

Office: 142, Main Building

The study and research administration:

  • organizes research activities of the University subdivisions;
  • plans its research activities;
  • organizes academic competitions, seminars, conferences;
  • provides informational services for the participants in external academic competitions, seminars, conferences;
  • monitors intellectual property protection activities;
  • organizes postgraduate educational process;
  • arranges publication of edited volumes, academic articles, monographs;
  • commoditizes the results of intellectual activity.