Voronezh State Agricultural University


Our University is providing full time, correspondence, extended education and upgrading training programs for specialists in Agriculture.
Nikolai Buhktoyarov, Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs, a Candidate of Economic Sciences, an Associate Professor, is in charge of all academic activities of our University.
The training is provided by 51 departments with the teaching staff of more than 683 people, among them 110 professors and 485 specialists with Candidates’ (PhD) degrees.
Currently, we are training over 14500 full time and correspondence students.
Our 8 Faculties train specialists in 30 specializations, 19 majors, 6 Master's Degree programs; post-graduate students can choose from 36 specializations.
In 2011 for the first time ever we carried out admission of full time and correspondence students in compliance with the Third Generation Educational Standards. 1340 full-time students were enrolled, the training of 857 students is funded by the Federal budget, 483 were admitted on contract basis. Enrollment competition for full-time students fluctuated from 2 to 17 people. The Faculty of Finance and Accounting is the most competitive.
Over the last two years the University has been providing eLearning server-based distant training programs. Currently, we are providing distant training programs in 13 remote access centers. The total number of correspondence students trained at the Distance Learning Center is 5000.
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