Voronezh State Agricultural University

Social and educational activity

Social and educational work with students is held in order to successfully complete the University’s mission in preparing highly-skilled, harmoniously developed and creative specialists and researchers to provide sustainable development of Russian agricultural industry.

The objectives to achieve are, therefore, as follows:

- shaping up social responsibility of the University before the students as to guarantee the correspondence to life standards;

- creating the conditions for all-round development of a competitive specialist with higher vocational education;

- increasing the level of students’ satisfaction from the educational services provided by the University;

- increasing the role of social organizations in the University management;

- introducing corporate norms and standards of behavior; preservation of cultural and historical traditions of the University.

Strategic Aspects of Educational Activity:

  • Patriotic;
  • Civil Rights;
  • Ethical-Spiritual;
  • Esthetic;
  • Profession-Oriented;
  • Physical Education and Healthy Life-Style.