Voronezh State Agricultural University

Record Keeping Section (Office)

The main functions of Record Keeping Section are:

  • receiving, registering, keeping record of, storing and distributing of coming, forwarded and internal documentation, as well as operative search and issuing information on documents;

  • registering travelling warrants, registration of workers on commission;

  • organizing University record keeping in accordance with federal standards, normative-methodical documents of Rosarchive and University; organizational-methodical supervision of the work with documents in structural units of the University;

  • making up summary catalogue of the University's affairs, control of the compiling and drawing up files in structural units of the University;

  • organizing the work of University expert commission on preparing for the shelving of the long (permanent) storage term papers; assigning for elimination the documents with expired storage terms;

  • accepting to archive the documents from structural units and personal origin funds;

  • annual assessment of documents validity and completion of the archives by the documentation of the University with storage terms marked “permanent” and above 10 years;
  • organizing the record keeping of the documents in accordance with the reglamentation of Rosarchive; making up the informational manual to the archives (cases inventarization, card stocks, catalogues etc.);

  • answering the inquiries on social and law matters, handing out copies of documents and archive references, as well as temporary documents;

  • giving methodical assistance to structural units on the matters of compiling documents into cases, preparing and shelving files on completion; control of timely receit of the documents to archives.

The main goals and objectives are:

  • methodical guidance and control of documentation arrangement in University record keeping in accordance with the aims and strategy of the University's development and changing external and internal circumstances of its activity;

  • securing the keeping of the documentation transmitted through the Section, as well as seals and stamps, forms of strict registration, University regulation documents, and other documentation in stock;

  • registering and keeping record of documents, keeping informational supply on the documentation of the University;
    University archive document completion, securing its keeping and registration, selection, processing and preparing the cases for state archivization;

  • using the documents from archives, keeping the reference and information supply on the archivized documents;

  • in association with Information Administration, implementing new informational technologies in the work with documents.

Sheina Natalya A.
Sheina Natalya A.


Phone: (473)253-81-33

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Office: 140, Main Building

Office as a structural unit of Voronezh Agricultural Institute was created in 1913. In 2006 new organizational pattern of VSAU was established, and Office was renamed to Record Keeping Section (Office) and subjected to newly created Administrative Board. In 2012 Administrative Board was abolished, and Record Keeping Section (Office) acquired the status of an interdepartmental unit.

Record Keeping Section is subordinate to the rector of the University.