Voronezh State Agricultural University

On the threshold of Centenary

The 100th anniversary that all of us are going to celebrate in the autumn 2012 is bound to give us an extra occasion to see well into the history of our University, its rise and development as the first high school in the Central Black Earth Region. Leaning for support on our glorious traditions we should set new goals worthy of our one-hundred-year-old history.

By the order of RF Minister of Agriculture there has been founded the Organization Committee on projecting and holding the celebration of the centennial anniversary of VSAU under the supervision of the state secretary-vice-minister A.V. Petrikov. The faculty of the University has worked out the Development Program and the Plan of activities that have been approved at the meeting of the Organization Committee with the participation of Voronezh Region governor A.V. Gordeev.

The aim of our Development Program is to make our University the leader at the education market as the center of steady, multi-level training of the high-qualified agro industry professionals; to conduct fundamental and applied research on the world scale; to integrate the science, education and industry for the efficiency of the agricultural branch of the economy and steady development of the countryside.