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The development of international cooperation of Voronezh State Agrarian University named after Еmperor Peter the Great (VSAU) is based on the approved Targeted Program of Development of the university, the goal of which is the integration of VSAU into the international academic space, supposing its internationalization and successful positioning as an international research centre that claims top positions in national and world-wide university rakings.
Agreements with foreign partners are the legal foundation of different forms and spheres of the University international activity. At the present time more than 20 Bilateral International Agreements are signed with partners from neighboring countries and beyond. In the scope of realization of the international program of expаnsion of cooperation with the Asia-Pacific region Agreements on International Cooperation were signed between VSAU and leading universities of Kazakhstan, China and India.
Through strengthening of the university positions in the international market of educational services VSAU has become more attractive for foreign students over the last years.
At the present time over 170 students from 16 foreign countries and countries of the former Soviet Union are taught at the university. It deservedly has a good record and a high raking position among institutions of higher education all over the world.

Zakshevskaya Elena V.
Zakshevskaya Elena V.

Acting Vice-Rector for IT, International Relations and Quality Management

Professor, Dr. in Economics

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