Voronezh State Agricultural University

IT Department

Information Administration was founded in 2007 for overall informational supply of all the aspects of the University’s activity. The establishment of the Administration was conditioned by general tendencies of integration processes in the society resulting in its informatization, that became one of the primary trends of the University’s development.

The main aims of the Information Administration are implementing informational technologies in the educational process and other aspects of the University’s activity; building up information infrastructure, information collection and common information space; integration of the information systems of the University into the global information systems.

Ryzhkov Yevgeny I.
Ryzhkov Yevgeny I.

Head of the IT Department

Office: 106, Main building

The Information Administration comprises Academic Library, Information Technologies Section, Typesetting Center, editorial office of the newspaper “Za Kadry”, VSAU and The Great Patriotic War museum, Informational Services Center “Polyservice”. Thus, the Information Administration has become one of the largest units of the University( more than 120 employees).