Voronezh State Agricultural University

For International students

Why Voronezh SAU?

Voronezh State Agrarian University named after Emperor Peter the Great (Voronezh SAU) is one of the largest scientific educational centers of Central Chernozem Region. Originally it was founded  in 1912 as an Agricultural Institute named after Emperor Peter the Great.  In 1991 the institute was granted university status, and in 2010 was renamed into Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education «Voronezh State Agrarian University named after emperor  Peter the Great».
Voronezh SAU is located in a very nice place not far from the central part of Voronezh. The territory infrastructure is also well organized. One can find there a bank, an ATM, a post office, a polyclinic, several drug-stores and stores of different kinds. The transport network is well developed.
Many outstanding statesmen, agrarians and scientists from Russia and abroad have visited the University since its establishment. Lots of foreign students from different countries together with students from all regions of Russia study at  VSAU.
The University campus consists of a number of big buildings including training blocks, a canteen, a library and 8 dormitories.
The biggest  block  for training is located in the main building of VSAU. It houses 6 faculties: Agricultural Science, Agricultural Chemistry and Ecology; the Land Survey Faculty; the Faculty of Technology and Merchandizing;  Humanities and Law; Economics and Management; and  Accounting and Finance. 
 The University has modern material and technical basis that includes lecture rooms equipped with modern screens and digital scanning projectors for carrying out video-lectures and for delivering presentations, computer classrooms with a free Internet access.
The University offers plenty of possibilities. The students are taught by highly skilled professors (the staff consists of 90 Professors and 300 Candidates of Science). Education gained at the University ensures a considerable and profound  base in all fields of knowledge and prepares for practical activity.
At our University a Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens started its work. The students study Russian and other disciplines with highly qualified teaching staff.
VSAU trains highly skilled experts in the sphere of agriculture. Students take an active part in social life of the University by joining different amateur societies and groups such as a group of folk songs and dances “Chernozyomochka”, a vocal studio, an amateur theatre, KVN teams (Russian Students' festival of humor).
Students also spend much time on keeping fit and healthy by going in for sports. Students who come from abroad live in a new recently constructed hostel. The University has a good canteen, gyms, a scientific library. 


•    The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Breeding
•    The Faculty of Rural Engineering
•    The Faculty of Agronomy, Agrochemistry and Ecology
•    The Faculty of Land Survey
•    The Faculty of Technology and Merchandizing
•    The Faculty of  Humanities and Law
•    The Faculty of Economics 

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Visa Support

 Voronezh SAU provides visa support to the applicant through the appropriate Embassy (Consulate) of the Russian Federation.
For visa support it is necessary to send us a copy of the passport with following information:
•    country of your birth;
•    city of your birth;
•    city of residence;
•    city where you will issue your visa;
•    full home address where we should send the invitation after it is ready (country-province-city-etc.)
•    full surname and name of the person who will receive the invitation;
•    contact telephone number of that person
Duration of the invitation’ issue – 35 working days.
There is NO possibility of urgent Invitation issue. Try to do everything in advance. The invitation will be sent you by express mail.
All foreign citizens arriving in Russia have to complete a migration card given at the customs. Please fill it in carefully and keep safe until you leave the country.  

Contact us:

Elena V.Zakshevskaya
Acting Vice-rector on IT, International Relations
and Quality Management
Office 106, Main Building of VSAU
tel.: +7(473)2538157
e-mail.: elenazak@inbox.ru

Tatiana N.Lysak
Chief of Organizing Department
International Relations Office
 Office 183, Main Building of VSAU
tel.: +7(900)924-56-33
e-mail.: lysaktat@adm.vsau.ru

Tatiana N.Dankova
Chief of Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens
Office 158, Main Building of VSAU
tel.: +7(473)2538767
e-mail.: prepdep@iro.vsau.ru

Tatiana A.Shepilova
Chief of the Department in working with foreign students
Office 327, Main Building of VSAU
tel.: +7(473)2538767
e-mail.:  forstudents@iro.vsau.ru