Voronezh State Agricultural University

Economy Administration


  • to prevent failures in the University business activities and to provide its financial stability;

  • to make short-term and long-term planning of the University activities;

  • to draw up University budget;

  • to develop University business activities plan, income and expenditure targets; targets adjustment;

  • to monitor and inspect financial resources;

  • to draw up, adjust and monitor the University organization chart;

  • to scheme wages and incentives;

  • to make annual, quarterly, monthly reports;

  • to analyze all economic activities of the University;

  • to to analyze effectiveness of all the University divisions;

  • to file legislative and regulatory documents;

  • to monitor the requisition notes and request forms;

  • to plan, facilitate and monitor order placements for the University needs.

Koulev Sergey A.
Koulev Sergey A.

Manager of Economy Administration

Dr., PhD in Economics

Phone: (473)253-65-40

E-mail: write e-mail

Office: 5, Hall of Residence № 5