Voronezh State Agricultural University

Department of Correspondence and Distance Study

Our University has been offering correspondence graduate training programs for agricultural industry since 1930s.

In 1960 study support centers were established in Voronezh, Lipezk and Belgorod regions which were reorganized into the University branches in 1999. In 1993 vocational secondary education correspondence training programs were introduced; and in 1998 we developed correspondence training programs for specialists seeking second university degree in Economics.

Material and technical facilities of the University and competent and experienced academic staff provide for an up-to-date correspondence training.

The University regional system of distant learning has been created and is developing in our University, which facilitates correspondence students’ independent work.

Graduation qualification papers are practice-oriented and most of them are recommended for manufacturing application.

Vorokhobin Andrey V.
Vorokhobin Andrey V.

Acting Vice-Rector for Distance Learning and Additional Education

Associate professor, PhD in Technical Sciences

Office: 110, Main Building

Currently, we are offering correspondence training programs in 22 majors and specializations for 11000 students, 4000 of them are trained via distance educational technologies. Correspondence training division has prepared 40000 specialists.